Wedding Testimonials

“I used Hallak Cleaners to do all of my wedding dress alterations and they did an amazing job.  When I first purchased my dress because I was larger in the hips than anywhere else, I had to purchase a dress two sizes larger and I was nervous that no one would be able to alter it and make it fit the way I really wanted it to because the dress had so much lace and embroidery.  However, the staff at Hallak proved me wrong, they altered my dress and made it fit perfectly without damaging any of the embroidery.  They were flexible  and delivered my dress right to my hotel room.  They were very kind and courteous at the 2nd Avenue location in the city and they were reasonably priced for the tough alterations they had to do. Thank you to the staff at Hallak for making sure my dress looked amazing for my wedding day.”

“George was amazing.  My dress was way too big at the start but ended up perfect.  Thank you, George!”  

“I’m so happy that my wedding dress shop, Glamour Closet, recommended Hallak to me.  Donna, George and all the customer service staff I spoke with at Hallak gave exceptional service.  My dress was altered and cleaned at a very reasonable price in great timing.  Hallak exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them.”

“Words cannot express how thankful I am for making the dress perfect and the process so relaxing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” (Jamie K. , New Jersey)

Magician, you say.

“Hallak provides outstanding cleaning and preservation services. They are practically magicians!!” (Wedding Wire Review, 11/21/15)

Happy Hallak Bride!

“My new husband managed to spill red wine on the back of my dress during the reception, this was on top of the usual dirt that accumulates on a dress during an outdoor ceremony! So I needed a really good cleaning service! Having done my research I decided the cost and long drive to Hallak Cleaners was likely to be worth it and I wasn’t disappointed. I am not exaggerating when I say that my dress looks as good as new. The staff there were very friendly and spent a long time explaining what they would need to do and the risks that would be involved in the two part cleaning process. Thank you Hallak Cleaners!” (Wedding Wire Review, 11/21/15)

“Hallak Cleaner’s did a wonderful cleaning and preserving my dress.” (Wedding Wire, 11/16/15)

“I went to Hallak for my dress alteration. The tailor was spot on- I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fit. Highly recommend their services.” (Wedding Wire, 11/9/15)

Thank you Donna! You have been amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this kind of customer service. I really appreciate it! All the best! (A.N., Brooklyn, NY)

“Hello Hallak! I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU!!! So much for cleaning and preserve my baby(my dress). Cant recall the name of the gentleman that assist me in Hackensack, but he was the best! He made sure i felt comfortable leaving my dress! And all of this was possible because i won the giveaway in 2014 at the Bethwood bridal show. Once again thank you sooo much! – have a lovely day! And have fun tonight! I know another lucky bride will be happy when she wins like i did!” (K.W., New Jersey – Bethwood Bridal Show Winner of a Complimentary Gown Preservation)  

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