Wedding Testimonials

“Donna was a great help and very responsive when I had questions.” (J.O., Edgewater, NJ)

“My gown was almost 50 years old.  It was overall yellow.  It came out off-white.” (M. T. , Park Ridge, NJ)

“Donna was beyond amazing in helping me get my sample gown cleaned before the big day. When I went to pick up the gown, the associate who helped me (can’t remember his name) made sure I hailed a taxi before he carried the dress outside to lay it carefully over the seat. Everyone I dealt with at Hallak was so friendly and professional. Thank you!!” (Taken from our Wedding Wire Reviews dated 7/19/2014)

“The customer service I received from Hallak and especially from my representative Donna was nothing less than outstanding.” (Taken from Hallak Cleaners Wedding Wire Reviews dated 7/17/2014)

“…am very pleased with Hallak and have used them for other other garments – exceptional treatment.” -J.S., New York, NY (Recommended to us by their Ralph Lauren stylist)

Hallak Cleaners Review

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how fabulous (DS) is to work with.  My wedding is in June and the extra attention to detail and true concern for my day is really above and beyond.  I work in Publishing with people around the world and the one thing I have found is the right people make you successful.  I have no doubt you already know how wonderful she is. -JP, Princeton, NJ

Taken from “Kleinfeld Presents Michelle Roth & Henry Roth” Pamphlet-Runway Collections

Hallak Dry Cleaners – An exceptional family business that takes personal and professional pride in delivering way beyond expectations.  The runway today was impeccably supported through your logistics networks.  How your alterations mould the gowns onto our models is exceptional.   Your 100% reliable  when it comes to cleaning & preserving bridal gowns.  No memories could be better entrusted than with Hallak.   Thank you for the kind words! Coming soon….a special page dedicated to the talented and wonderful Michelle Roth and Henry Roth.  Prior to the show, members of the Hallak team coordinated with the designers in regards to prepping the gowns for their models.  It was such a special night for all who were involved.  We met so many interesting people and just enjoyed the whole positive atmosphere. We wish you much success… as always!

Survey says…

Here is just a look at some of the responses we received from our bridal surveys: Everyone I spoke with was professional and friendly.  They worked wonders on my daughter’s gown. Everything was done in an exceptional, professional, courteous, etc. way.  I am truly grateful for the care and consideration.Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you.  My daughter’s wedding dress was cleaned beyond my expectations. I was very satisfied since my wedding gown was 55 years old and I had kept it boxed for all those years.  You did a wonderful job in preserving it for my granddaughters. Beautiful job restoring my mother’s gown! The on my fur coats was also amazing! They also cleaned my childhood doll, Pouli.  (All of us at Hallak miss Pouli!) We appreciate all of you taking the time to pass along these kind words!

Hello there. I wanted to let the world know that Hallak Cleaners was above and beyond my expectations. I went the Hackensack Shop and worked with Kiymet Lale. She was so amazing with my dress fittings. Both my sister, sister-in-law and myself worked with her. Kiymet has an amazing eye and wonderful talent with bridal dress alterations. I felt like a princess and am forever grateful for the amazing work by Kiymet. Please be sure that she is recognized and commended for her amazing work. I thank you again, and hope other brides will have the opportunity to have the same experience as I did. The whole staff at Hackensack Hallak Cleaners were great!!! -A.C.S., N.J.

Expert Family Business Unlike Any Other Cleaner

I come from 3 generations of bridal designers and we know the benefit of what a family business can bring to those receiving exceptional service. For more than 15 years Michelle and I have at the back of our wedding dresses sewn in labels recommending Hallak Cleaners as the only choice for brides to take their dresses to for cleaning, preserving and maintenance. If you visit these stores or go to the plant in New Jersey you will witness precision, professionalism, spotless cleanliness of workspace and pride and passion of staff exudes from one thing and one thing alone. The people of Hallak cleaners, the family, the brothers, the family of staff, take pride in wanting brides and customers to be happy, thrilled, satisfied and to experience what premium product means when it comes to cleaning preserving and maintenance of heirloom. This is not just a review but we write from the heart and from our experience good luck to all of the brides reading this may your path down the aisle be fulfilled, fun, fabulous. Warm regards, Michelle Roth & Henry Roth and the Design Studio in New York City and Sydney. (As seen on The Knot 10/19/2011) Henry Roth, N.Y.

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