Taken from “Kleinfeld Presents Michelle Roth & Henry Roth” Pamphlet-Runway Collections

Hallak Dry Cleaners – An exceptional family business that takes personal and professional pride in delivering way beyond expectations.  The runway today was impeccably supported through your logistics networks.  How your alterations mould the gowns onto our models is exceptional.   Your 100% reliable  when it comes to cleaning & preserving bridal gowns.  No memories could be better entrusted than with Hallak.


Thank you for the kind words! Coming soon….a special page dedicated to the talented and wonderful Michelle Roth and Henry Roth.  Prior to the show, members of the Hallak team coordinated with the designers in regards to prepping the gowns for their models.  It was such a special night for all who were involved.  We met so many interesting people and just enjoyed the whole positive atmosphere. We wish you much success… as always!

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