“I had bought my wedding gown at a bridal store in Manhattan but they were fully booked for alterations so, I had to find a good place on my own. It took me a bit to find a place that wasn’t too expensive and that I could trust to do a good job. I went online and read reviews of different cleaners/alterations businesses. But when I would call, they’d tell me there was either not enough time or wouldn’t give me an estimate of the price because they wanted to see the gown in person. All I needed to do was hem the dress about 1 inch & add a button to the back to hold up the train. (Which was a small train) When I called Hallak Cleaners for an estimate, they asked me a couple of questions about the fabric, length to be cut off & length of train, then right away gave me a good quote. As soon as I walked in to Hallak in NJ, Anjel greeted my mom and me. She was extremely sweet and super helpful both the first day I went and also for the fitting. She had me try on the dress with my shoes, and right away said that everything fit perfect and I only needed to hem it a little bit. (Also gave a couple of compliments which made me feel good) 🙂 When I asked her for the cost, she told me the exact same amount as the customer service representative gave me over the phone! Which was great because I was hoping it wouldn’t be too far off of the quote I was given. When I went back for the fitting, I tried on the dress & it was perfect! Anjel was also super sweet to my mom who sews, but it not an expert yet. She gave my mom a few tips on types of buttons, threads, and on sewing. Overall, I had a great experience. I didn’t feel pressured to spend a lot of money, which a lot of wedding vendors do. The service was excellent. The price for the hemming was reasonable & I do want to go back to preserve my dress!”

(WeddingWire Review, July 2015)

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