Boutique Program

Boutique Program

Learn more about Hallak’s Boutique Program.

Learn more about Hallak’s Boutique Program – including discounts.

If you have not heard of Hallak, allow us to quickly introduce ourselves. For over fifty years, we have been a trusted name among households, designers and boutiques.  In addition, the Leading Cleaners’ Internationale recognizes us as a couture cleaner; we are one of a few that meets their strict couture criteria.  In other words, fabric care is our expertise.

Boutique Uniform Cleaning Service

Keep your staff looking their very best with regular uniform care.  Along with cleaning, we also offer alterations and embroidery services.  If interested, please email for your special pricing.

Stock Pieces

Have you ever found that a stock piece required a bit of TLC?  Perhaps a little emergency stain removal or minor repair?  Simply call and we will do our best to have your item floor ready.  Furthermore, we can even direct ship to your client after taking care of an item post-sale.

On Location Technical Training

Let us come to your boutique to present one of our “Fashion Care” seminars.  There are a broad range of topics. For example, customized presentations are also available.  Elevate the expertise of your staff ; your clients will appreciate it.  And we will bring the coffee and donuts!

Personal Wardrobe

Current boutique employees are eligible for a 50% discount off your regular list prices.  Similarly to your uniforms, we would create an employee account with their own laundry bag. Then, items can be picked up either at your boutique or home address.

Boutique Interior

Our team of interior specialists will assist in keeping your boutique looking it’s very best.  From upholstery and drapery care to expert carpet cleaning – or even fabric covered walls and partitions, regular maintenance will keep the substantial investment in your interior designs from looking prematurely weathered.

24 Hour Emergency Service

When time is of the essence, you can count on Hallak Cleaners to do everything possible to expedite the service – and there is never an additional charge for any acommodation.

Free Testing of Fabrics and Trimmings

Although this typically takes place upstream from the retail level, there may be a situation in which you need to know the serviceability of a special trimming or customized feature prior to proceeding.  If interested, Hallak can provide a comprehensive report; our team will test using at least five different processes to find the safest care method.

Hallak on-site cleaning

Additionally, we also offer on-site cleaning for fashion shows and bridal events. Experienced technicians well ensure the garments look fresh and clean between shows. We bring all the tools we need to repair unexpected damage, remove last minute spots, and steam out wrinkles.

Protect your clients’ investment in your fashions

The most important benefit a relationship with Hallak Cleaners provides is knowing that in our care, the fashions with which your clients leave your boutique will stay fresh and vibrant for years, Our Safe Cleaning Guarantee, coupled with our unsurpassed technical expertise eliminate the worry and hassle which plague those who settle for mediocre drycleaning.

Complimentary Pick Up & Delivery Service Available in Manhattan, Bergen County, Westchester, & Greenwich.

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Email  or call (212) 832-0750 regarding the above services.

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