Engagement Season Coming to an End

Engagement Season

….Coming to an End

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The end of engagement season means wedding planning is just beginning.

This past engagement Season brought a lot of joy to many couples and their families. (And we certainly needed something to celebrate!) New York and New Jersey couples will begin the wedding planning phase next. Hallak’s wedding department is happy to help with all your pre and post wedding services. Find out how we can help today!

Alterations for you and your wedding party?

Yes, we have a team of tailors and seamstresses at both of our locations. In addition, our team is taking all the necessary steps to keep visitors safe -and comfortable. Tailoring, alterations and restyling by our talented team. Call (212) 832-0750 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Sample Gown Cleaning? Spot-Cleaning? Finishing?

Yes, your wedding day attire will be picture-perfect.  Each wedding garment is as unique as its wearer. Before spot-cleaning or cleaning, we will take great care to protect the fabric and any ornamentation.

Heirloom or vintage restoration?

Yes, you can wear your treasured garment.  After a careful inspection, a team member will review the evaluation with you.  Some vintage items requiring a restoration also are in need of repairs such as: replacement buttons, new zipper, and stitching.  Restyling also available.

And that’s just pre-wedding.  Enjoy your engagement! Wedding planning does not have to equate to additional life stress.  When you trust the right wedding professionals, preparing for your big day can be easier than you may think. Hallak’s Wedding Department is for everyone. Love is love.

Email bridal@hallak.com or give us a call at (212) 832-0750 today! A team member would love to hear from you.

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