Vintage Bridal Gowns

Vintage Bridal Gowns

Vintage bridal gowns often require an extra level of attention. Throughout our fifty plus years, we have seen many heirloom wedding gowns and vintage bridal dresses.  Each unique in their beauty and care needed.

Whether your gown is a family heirloom or a great find, a proper evaluation is a great start.   Therefore, Hallak encourages you to visit either one of our locations.

Alternatively, emailing is also an option. In addition to current images, we require the following information:

  • Age of bridal wear?
  • Fabric(s)
  • Obvious stains and repairs?
  • Previously cleaned?
  • Current storage location?

After sending this information, we will send a starting estimate. Without viewing in-person, it is difficult to understand the true sense of what work is needed.

For example, an heirloom wedding gown sometimes needs both a wet cleaning and tailoring repairs. Once cleaned, a Hallak seamstress or tailor can replace torn lace, discolored fabric buttons and more.  On the other hand, some vintage dresses simply need a cleaning.

If you are considering a family’s passed-down wedding dress, we strongly encourage you to view it as soon as possible.  Even if the gown has been stored, this does not mean you are free of any issues.  In the past, dry cleaners used different methods and preservation boxes that may no longer be ‘the best’.  Thus, dresses can yellow or worse.  Nobody likes surprises – especially when it comes to their big day!

My Vintage Wedding Gown is Yellow?

Before panicking, please know that many dresses (and other items) yellow over time. At times, it is simple oxidation. In this case, a wet cleaning lifts the ‘yellowing’.  If there are darker stains, this is a sign of stains that have set. While we can still care for your item, please be aware that stains may only lift a percentage.  During your evaluation, your customer service representative explains these risks and potential outcome.

What is a ‘wet cleaning’?

Heirloom and vintage fashion normally requires a ‘restoration’ or a wet cleaning.  First, your garment is placed in a bath with a very gentle solvent. Then, we allow the solvent to do its ‘job’. By gently agitating and allowing the dress to soak, stains and yellowing are given time to break-down.  (This may take several soaks.) With this in mind, please allow a few weeks for a proper restoration.

If interested in a restoration, please call (201) 343-7333 to speak with one of our wedding consultants.  With any restoration, a gown would need to be evaluated in-person for actual pricing.  However, please feel free to email images to for an estimate.  Hallak also offers complimentary evaluations in which we pick up your gown to be evaluated. No commitment. No pressure. If you are in our delivery area, this may be the ideal solution! Of course, we have restored many garments from out-of-state friends so give us a call or contact us today!

Along with bridal restoration, we offer other wedding services such as alterations, tailoring, cleaning, finishing, destination wedding services and preservation. And remember Hallak is a full service couture dry cleaner including home furnishings!  For wedding fashion inspiration, find us on Pinterest and Facebook.

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