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Home Detailing Services

Home detailing exceeds regular housekeeping.  In other words, it is a level of restoration.  For these types of projects, many clients choose Hallak’s expert interior team.
Construction work leaves behind dust and remnants.  Upon completion, your home’s interior requires a proper detailing.  At this time, your residence deserves the very best.  Specifically, no item is left untouched.  After all, we are here for you.  At last, you have someone working with you.
In addition, this service is also ideal for smoke, fire and water restoration.  We are well-versed in working with insurance companies.  Along with your furnishings, Hallak’s garment care comes in handy.  Consider us a one-stop ‘shop’.  For instance, Hallak catalogs your items since you have enough to handle.
Fortunately, Hallak Cleaner offers you an efficient, quick and reliable clean-up service.  Let us impress you with our methodical and meticulous care.  We respect your home -and it will show.

Questions or interested in a consultation?  Call (212) 832-0750 or email   Consequently, Hallak handles all types of large-scale restoration projects as well.
Typically, Hallak serves Manhattan, Bergen County, Westchester, Greenwich, Short Hills and the Hamptons.  However when it comes to large-scale projects, we work outside our delivery area.

Additional Home Services include:

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