Inclusive Wedding Services

Inclusive Wedding Services

Inclusive wedding services begin with love -our love of caring for all couples and your love as a couple.  Every marriage ceremony is special to us. Micro, luxurious, same-sex, gay-friendly…love is love at Hallak Cleaners.  And what is so wonderful about fashion is that it welcomes everyone too.

In fact, more and more people are showing their community that dresses are not just for women. Likewise, tuxedos are certainly not just for men.

Hallak’s wedding department provides services such as:

Above all, we provide passionate customer service.  Our team takes its responsibility to you, the happy couple, very seriously.  It is why we go above and beyond with  communication, expert fabric care and responsiveness.  All brides, grooms and anyone in between are always welcome.  Call (212) 832-0750 to learn more about our inclusive wedding services.

Often, Hallak will help many people in a wedding party including parent-in-laws, bridesmaids, bridegrooms, groomsmen, etc.  If you are interested in group services, please email Our wedding consultant would be happy to assist you with any questions, concerns and appointments.

Have you been following Hallak Weddings on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? Don’t forget that Hallak is also on Instagram.  When presenting wedding ideas and tips, they are meant for everyone. If you feel that we are missing  an important area, we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to message us directly through social media.  We would like our message to be clear. Hallak offers inclusive wedding services from the heart.

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