Historic Royal Fashion at The Coronation

Earlier today, many tuned into the Coronation of King Charles III. Even if you have no ties to the royal family, it was a part of history that we simply didn’t want to miss.

What is the Coronation

Today’s Coronation was only the third one televised so many felt fortunate enough to be able to tune in. This highly ceremonial and symbolic event follows a very specific set of steps and traditions. While some details may vary depending on the monarch and time period, there are a few general steps.

First, there is the grand arrival of the monarch at Westminster Abbey (for this specific ceremony); they are accompanied by various officials and dignitaries. With around 2,000 guests inside, the event begins.

As there are many songs sung and words exchanged, we will skip to the main parts such as the anointing. Shielded by screens, the monarch is anointed with holy oil; it is placed on the monarch’s head, hands, and chest.

Then, they move on to the crowning. The Crown Jewels is then placed on the monarch’s head. Peers fo the realm pledge their loyalty. Then, others in the realm begin to present various items including spurs, a scepter, ring, and other ancient items.

Presentation: The monarch is presented to the people of the realm, who cheer and celebrate the coronation. Followed by these steps are the communion and benediction.

Historic Royal Fashion at the Coronation

Steeped in tradition and symbolism, each step is significant. This is not only a celebration, but also an affirmation of the monarch’s authority.

From a dry cleaner’s perspective, we were blown away by the treasured fashion worn during the Coronation. The pageantry and tradition have been woven into the fabric that is displayed for such a momentous occasion.

Symbolic clothing such as the Coronation robes are made of the finest silk and features  jewels and embroidery.  So of course, our thoughts went to the preservation of such historic clothing. Made of delicate fabrics and adorned with these intricate details, the garments require special care and attention. Specialized cleaning techniques and solvents ensure that these types of items are preserved for future generations.

Where Do They Store Historic Royal Fashion

Some of the garments worn on this special day are stored in the Royal Collection; this is managed by the Royal Collection Trust. The collection also includes various objects and artifacts that the British Royal Family has accumulated.

Centuries of treasures are housed in various locations across the UK; they include Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. All the buildings were designed to offer a secure place for such a collection. After all, many of these items are considered priceless.

Careful storage ensures that these Coronation garments are protected from damage and deterioration. Much like Hallak’s wedding gown preservations, some iconic clothing are placed in acid-free containers and kept in a temperature-controlled space. Direct heat, sunlight, moisture, and other environmental factors can accelerate deterioration so it’s important to always take necessary precautions. When it comes to these historic pieces, access is restricted to a few select individuals. And you may only expect to see these royal fashion garments for special occasions or exhibitions.


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