Holiday Fashion: What to Wear to Your Next Party

What is your go-to holiday fashion? Casual, formal, always full-on glam,…?

This season is always creates a whirlwind for your social calendar – family gatherings, non-profit galas, work holiday parties, Christmas events, and an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration!

And each event requires its own specific dress code with a holiday flair. While some events will let you know, you can often be left wondering what to wear. Of course, you want to look like yourself but sometimes we just want to elevate your look a bit. With whatever your approach to holiday dressing is, let’s take a look at some fashionable holiday fashion ideas.

Time to dive into this year’s trends and go-to holiday fashion trends!

2023 Holiday Fashion Trends

‘Tis the season to dress up and party! As the holiday invitations come in, you may be looking at your closet for a holiday party outfit and planning a party season shopping trip. (Just remember to allow time for alterations and tailoring.) Here are a bunch of the hottest holiday trends to help you throughout the season:

Formal Events

Formal events such as gala or black tie affair calls for special attention to the dress code. Let’s take a look at some formal holiday wardrobe ideas:

  • Full-length evening gown (e.g. sequins, lace-trimmed, etc.)
  • Classic little black dress (LBD) (below-the-knee)
  • Jewel-tone velvet jumpsuit
  • Classic black tuxedo
  • Velvet dinner jacket
  • White tie ensemble

Casual Family Gathering

Many of us most likely have some family gatherings to attend. Whether you are hosting or attending as a guest, you want to make sure you’re comfortable but still festive!

  • Cozy sweater dress  or oversized sweater
  • Festive sweater and nice pair of jeans
  • Holiday sweater with a midi skirt or pants
  • Casual faux-wrap maxi dress
  • Crewneck sweater paired with corduroy pants
  • Plaid button-up shirt and khakis

Holiday Work Party

When it comes to a corporate party, the time and venue should dictate our outfit choice. For example, parties at your workplace will mostly likely end up being a more casual look. If it’s an evening event at a venue, you may want to opt for something a bit elevated. To play it safe, consider layering and adjust accordingly. Here are a few examples:

  • Neutral suit with a holiday tie
  • Dark jeans with a button-down and sweater
  • Suit pants and a button-down in a fun print
  • Skirt suit set with a red blouse
  • Midi cocktail dress*
  • Velvet blazer and black slacks

*if your cocktail dress has spaghetti straps, consider a cropped jacket or cardigan.

When it comes to New Year’s fashion, you can amp up the fun with a gold dress, full on sequins, and more.

Personalized Holiday Party Outfit

Keep your own personal style  by incorporating some of your own elements into your holiday outfits. Add some of your personality and have some fun with your fashion! Take a look at some ideas:

  • Sequin handbag
  • Bold shoes
  • Holiday print socks

Spend the Holidays in Style

So don’t be stressed out by your holiday calendar. Even if your closet isn’t holiday clothing ready, there is always time (and a reason) to shop.  Hallak is here for all your alterations, cleaning, and finishing (pressing/steaming) needs.

May your wardrobe be as vibrant and joyful as the festivities around you. Wishing you a stylish and memorable holiday season!

Schedule a pick-up for your holiday fashion today.

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