Trench Coat Care Guide

Expert trench coat care by Hallak Cleaners.

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper trench coat care. After a long day, we would like to think that you inspect your trench coat. However, we completely understand that you have other things on your mind so this doesn’t always happen.

As a dry cleaner, our advice to clients is to inspect any garment prior to returning to your closet. This includes any handbag, a necktie, your wool coat, etc.  In just a few hours, you can easily pick up signs of the day leaving stains or layer of New York City on your favorite coat.

Your Trench Coat Care Starts with an Inspection

Prior to hanging any item up or putting away for the day, take a few minutes for a post-day inspection. Things and areas you should be looking for:

  • full inspection of front and back
  • deeper look at wrists, hem, and neckline
  • check buttons to see if they’re loose (or missing!)

If your trench coat has a belt, look for any signs of wear-and tear including fraying. This is also a good time to look at the belt loops to see that the stitches are still intact.

Home Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

Before attempting any coat care, start with checking the care label. If it states “Dry Clean Only”, then your attempt should hopefully stop there. Going any further may cause damage to your coat.

The care label is an excellent source of information including what type of fabric, what machines can be used, the proper care temperature, and more.

If the label provides instructions, then follow them exactly. While stain removal should always be left to the expert, we do understand that you may want to attempt a simple pre-treatment at home. For many stains, vinegar does the trick. A clean white cloth with diluted vinegar can be blotted gently to lift the stain.

Brave enough to use your washing machine? Protect your trench coat as much as possible by turning inside out. Then, use a mesh laundry bag for extra protection. If possible, wash your coat in its own cycle.

As a leading couture dry cleaner, we are not here to scare you but rather inform you. Time and time again, we have met clients (and brand new clients) with an emergency garment care ask. They either attempted to care for an item at home or went to a mom and pop shop.

Dry clean only items should be dry-cleaned. Luxury garments and outerwear should be left to a couture cleaner.

Your fall trench care starts with Hallak Cleaners.  And as a full service couture dry cleaner, we have cared for many.  Our expert team offers supreme care for your Burberry trench coat and other designer outwear.

During a fall day your trench can see a lot. With that said, we cannot stress enough the importance of inspecting your outerwear including your wool coats regularly.  After a long night, it may be easy to simply slide your go-to back into your hall closet.  However, you would be doing it a disservice.

Without regular maintenance, stains can set. This can make them more difficult to remove. In addition, some stains are considered ‘invisible’.  Unfortunately, they don’t stay invisible.  Eventually, they appear – and are tricky to clean.  Professional cleaning removes dirt, allergens and more.

Over time, your coat will also weather-proofing.  This will ensure that your trench will continue to look and feel its best.

Whether your drop-off or schedule a pick-up, your coat will be thoroughly inspected prior to cleaning.  Once cleaned and finished, it will once again be inspected.  And wait….one last time prior to packaging for its return home.

See why Manhattan’s finest luxury boutiques trust Hallak with their outerwear and wardrobe pieces. It is our attention to detail – and expert customer service along the way. We invite you try our services today by calling (212) 832-0750 or visiting either of our locations.  Hallak has stores located in Manhattan and Bergen County. Please note that both stores are following safety protocols to ensue a safe visit.  Of course, you can always request a pick-up as well.

Schedule your trench coat care today.

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