Winter Puffer Coat Cleaning

Winter Puffer Coat Cleaning

Your winter outerwear must include the puffer.

We are all about winter puffer coat cleaning.  They are not the same puffy jackets we wore in our younger days. Today’s coats have style – and many different looks.

Over the last few years, Hallak has seen more and more puffers. And we are even the preferred cleaner for certain well-known brands like Canada Goose and Moncler.   In addition, our team has cared for Herno, Burberry and others.  As you may know, these jackets are an investment – and we appreciate that.

During the winter especially, the turn-around time is important.  However, we also would like to provide your puffer the attention it deserves. Typically, Hallak asks for a week to care for items. If needed, we can turn around a basic cleaning faster. Additionally, these coats may require some repairs including zipper replacements. We can help!  Both locations have on-site tailoring teams.

And while we are caring for your puffer, consider dropping off your Uggs. The winter weather and other outdoor elements like salt can be quite damaging.  Before returning items to their home-at-home, be sure to inspect them. Don’t allow stains to settle in for the season.

New York and New Jersey locations are still open with ‘temporary’ hours of Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm. On Saturday, New York stays open until 4pm. New Jersey closes at 3pm on Saturdays.Questions? Email or call (212) 832-0750 and schedule your winter puffer coat care cleaning  pick-up today.

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