Winter Clothing Storage Services

So Long Winter 2020

Winter coats and jackets
So long Winter 2020. Time to put away your cold weather outerwear and garments.

At this point, we feel (pretty) confident saying so long to winter 2020.  Of course, we did see snow flurries a few weekends ago. No matter how much Mother Nature seems to be fighting it…the warm weather will prevail!

Although Hallak’s 15% discount ends on May 31st, there is still time to have your items picked up or stop by either of our store location (Manhattan and Bergen County).  This discount can be applied to dry cleaning services and clothing storage options.

For example, what a great time to clean your winter coats and jackets.  In addition, you can store away those bulkier items such as fur, heavy knit sweaters, wool coats and more.  And remember that Hallak offers both cold and box storage.  Box storage requires all items to be cleaned prior to being boxed. There is one flat fee to set up the account. However, you can add and take out any items in box storage throughout the season.  With cold storage, you can store as-is, a quick touch-up or full cleaning.

Contactless, complimentary pick-up and delivery now available in the Hamptons – 2x a week (Wednesday and Saturday)!  Delivery service is also still available in Manhattan, Bergen County, Short Hills, Westchester and Greenwich. If you are staying out of the area, we encourage to ship your items in as we are providing free return shipping nationwide. And don’t forget to share with a friend!



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