Luxury Holiday Gifts

Find the perfect luxury holiday gifts for the ones you love!

When you think luxury gift, what types of items come to mind? Is it something tangible? Is it an experience? The choice really depends on the recipient. Whatever it is, you know it is going to ‘say’ high-quality, opulent, and indulgent. And it’s certainly going to be beyond the ordinary.

The Luxury Gift

The luxury gift (not an experience) is characterized by craftsmanship, premium materials/fabrics, and exclusivity. It aligns perfectly with one of our other favorite topics – luxury fashion.

Luxury holiday gifts can range from high-end fashion accessories, fine jewelry, and other designer items. For the person that has everything, consider bespoke experiences such as: a trip, Michelin dining, or other personalized services. Make it memorable that also reflects the person’s taste and lifestyle.

Holiday Gift Ideas

  1. Designer Silk Scarf or custom silk tie: Add to their exquisite silk scarf or tie collection.  Crafted from the finest materials in beautiful patterns, there is an accessory for any taste. This level of accessory never goes out of style. (For custom pieces, visit our friends at Tiecrafters.)
  2. Personalized Travel Set: Jetsetter friend or loved one? Gift them with a custom travel set. And don’t forget the passport holder, luggage tag, and travel wallet. It makes both a thoughtful and practical gift for the frequent traveler.
  3. Vintage-inspired Cocktail Set: Even though Mad Men ended years ago, the vintage cocktail set is always a ‘yes’. While this may require a personal shopper or some research, it is so worth it. In addition to the set, be sure to include some premium spirits that they love.
  4. Cashmere Lounge Set: Who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves in luxury cashmere on a New York winter night (or day!). Fortunately, there are plenty of sets available that come in different neutrals, shades, and patterns. Although simple in style, there is nothing simple about the indulgence of premium cashmere.
  5. Artisanal Chocolate Collection: For the chocolate lover in your life, share with them a curated collection of artisanal chocolates. While NYC has many renowned chocolatiers, there are also plenty online options to choose from as well. And if you pick up a few for yourself, we won’t tell. After all, everyone deserves a little luxury near the holidays – and that includes you!
  6. Fine Jewelry and Watches. When in doubt, jewelry is always welcome. Timeless tennis bracelet. Trinity de Cartier ring. One-of-a-kind watch. Visit your favorite jewelry store for a little inspiration.
  7. Bespoke Tailoring Experience: Does he have everything? Well, he can always have one more custom suit. Find a renowned tailor that offers this type of experience. There is really nothing better than a suit tailored to you in every way possible.
  8. Sculptural Home Décor or Art Print A home’s aesthetic is very personal. This type of gift is for the person that is very near and dear to you. It is important to keep their personality and interior choices in mind prior to any purchase. To make it more personalized, consider a commissioned piece that is as unique as your loved one.
  9. Caviar Tasting Experience: Do you have a friend that appreciates the finest in caviar? Then, treat them to a caviar tasting experience. The proper tasting will include a selection of the finest caviars paired with gourmet accompaniments.
  10. Private Yacht Charter: If you are a fan of Below Deck, then you’ve been wanting this gift yourself! Spoil their sense of adventure with a private yacht charter for a day or weekend getaway. Eating gourmet meals with the most picturesque of backdrops…it doesn’t get much better than that.

Additional Luxury Holiday Gifts

If you still can’t decide, you may consider making a charitable donation.  Consider where they donate their time  to or causes that are at the top of their list.  You can make the donation in their name and provide a car sharing the message.

And for the sentimental person in your life, Hallak can help! Give the gift of a vintage or heirloom restoration. A professional restoration is ideal for : antique dolls, vintage fashion, hand-me-down quilts, military uniforms and more.  Allow one of our experts to properly evaluate your item or garment. During the evaluation, we will be able to provide you with an expected outcome, pricing and more. (If we do not think an item would hold up or  benefit from a restoration, we will tell you as well.)  Then, you can make a more informed decision on how to move forward.

With whatever you choose, you know it will be appreciated. A gift catered to a loved one’s taste and style is the perfect choice.

We hope that we have helped you with some luxury gift ideas. Happy shopping!

(Updated 11/2023)

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