How to Fold a Sweater

Wondering how to fold a sweater?

Well, the experts at Hallak Cleaners are here to help.  As the temperatures drop, we find ourselves turning to our cozy sweaters more and more. However, the simple act of caring for these pieces is often overlooked.

Our team believes that understanding the nuances of sweater care is paramount to preserving their softness, shape, and lifespan. Let’s unravel the secrets of proper sweater folding techniques.

Why Fold Your Sweater

At Hallak, we highly recommend folding your sweater instead of hanging it on a hanger. As you may already be aware of, sweaters are prone to stretching when hung; this also leads to unsightly hanger bumps and misshapen shoulders. So if possible, always store your sweater flat and make ample storage space for your collection.

Folding, on the other hand, allows sweaters to retain their natural form. Over time, gravity can cause the sweater body to lose its shape over time when suspended; this is especially true with your heavier knits.

By neatly folding your sweater and storing it flat, you not only preserve its original fit but also minimize the risk of wrinkles and creases. With cashmere and wool, it is particularly important to properly store them.

What You’ll Need

You don’t have to be a professional organizer to have a beautiful, curated wardrobe.

Before folding, start with the number one thing – clean hands free of any residual dirt or our natural oils. Next, you will need a flat, spot-free surface.

For the best clothing storage, there are a few more items you may wish to consider:

  • Tissue paper. It acts a gentle barrier between folds and prevents creases.
  • Breathable garment bags. For extra protection, these garment bags offer an extra level of protection against dust, moths, and other potential outside hazards.

Step-by-step Guide to Sweater Folding

  1. Lay the sweater on your clean, flat surface
  2. Smooth out any wrinkles or folds
  3. Fold sleeves inward; they should align with the sides
  4. Fold the bottom hem up; this will create a neat rectangle
  5. At this step, place tissue paper between the folds
  6. Place your folded sweater in a breathable garment bag

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Additional Tips

Cashmere, wool, and other delicate fabrics demand a more nuanced approach to protect their luxurious texture and appearance. When dealing with these sweaters, opt for a gentler touch and smooth out the fabric rather than pressing hard folds.

For knit sweaters (with their stretchy nature), choose a looser fold to maintain elasticity. Woven sweaters appreciate a more defined fold for structure.

Regardless of the fabric type, store your folded sweaters in a cool, dry place. As you may already know, excess heat and humidity can lead to mold, mildew, and unwanted odors.

Proper Sweater Care

As a dry cleaner, it is important to stress how important it is to properly care for all garments including your sweaters. When it comes to sweaters,  people tend to wear them repeatedly prior to cleaning. And that’s totally okay!

Here are a few tips you may wish to try:

    1. Base Layers: Try a lightweight, breathable base layer. This layer acts as a barrier, absorbing sweat and preventing it from directly reaching your sweater. Depending on your sweater thickness, choose a layer that works best for both warmth and protection. By doing so, you may be able to wear your sweater a few times prior to cleaning.
    2. Read the care label (carefully): Unfortunately, sweaters are a common garment that come in post-home cleaning. While we are able to ‘reverse’ some damage, it is best to follow the care label from the beginning. Why chance damage such as shrinkage, pulls, and other issues?
    3. Regular Maintenance: After every wear, inspect your sweater top-to-bottom. Look for spots and other trouble areas. Don’t allow stains to settle in or pulls to worsen. In addition, brush your sweaters regularly with a soft garment brush; this will remove lint, hair and other surface debris. (Use a sweater shaver sparingly.)

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Protect Your Sweater Investment

As you can see, folding your sweater isn’t too tricky. However, it is a step that many of us skip.

We encourage you, like we do our clients, to take those extra few minutes to inspect, fold, and properly store. This will help preserve your sweater’s look and extend its lifetime. You invest in your sweaters so they’re worth investing a little time to properly care for them.

By incorporating these practical steps above into your routine, you not only enhance your wardrobe but also contribute to the sustainability of your favorite garments. You have to love that!

Remember, the fold is indeed mightier than the hanger, and thoughtful care leads to enduring style. If your sweater is ready for cleaning, schedule your pick-up today.

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