Choosing Your Winter Wedding Groom Suit

Choosing your winter wedding groom suit doesn’t have to be stressful.

Winter weddings evoke a magical ambiance with their crisp air, glistening snow, and cozy celebrations. As brides steal the spotlight with their stunning winter gowns, grooms have the perfect opportunity to showcase their style with refined winter fashion.

Whether you are choosing a wedding suit rental or investing in a formal wedding tuxedo, there is fortunately a  large selection of wedding suites to choose from. In this guide, we will explore the essential elements for a dapper winter groom, from color palette choices to weather-appropriate accessories.

Your Winter Wedding Groomswear Guide

Choosing the Right Color Palette

There are several different factors that go into choosing the right color palette. Often, winter weddings embrace the colors of the season; shades that not only compliment the seasonal surroundings, but also exude elegance. 

  • Deep Blues: Navy or midnight blue suits and tuxedos evoke a sense of sophistication

  • Forest Greens: Deep, rich greens add a touch of nature’s charm

  • Burgundy: A deep, warm burgundy brings a sense of opulence and romance 

  • Charcoal Gray: A versatile and timeless choice, charcoal gray exudes understated elegance

  • Eggplant Purple: For a regal touch, consider eggplant purple

  • Chocolate Brown: A warm and inviting choice, chocolate brown suits or tuxedos create a cozy and intimate atmosphere

  • Icy Blues: Lighter shades of blue, resembling icy tones, bring a cool and refreshing aesthetic

  • Black with Accents: Classic black suits or tuxedos adorned with silver or gold accents can add a touch of glamour and formality 

  • Cranberry Red: Vibrant and festive, cranberry red is an unexpected pop of color

Of course, a wedding’s color palette really comes down to the couple’s taste and individuality. And when in doubt, you cannot go wrong with classic neutrals like black and white.

Find the Perfect Winter Suit Fabric

If you live in the New York metro area, it is safe to assume your wedding will be indoors. Even so, you may take a few pictures outside. Choosing an amazing fabric for your winter wedding suit or tuxedo is pivotal in achieving both style and comfort. 

  • Wool: A perennial favorite for winter, wool suits and tuxedos offer not only warmth but also a refined texture. Opt for a medium to heavyweight wool fabric, such as tweed or flannel, for a classic and timeless appeal.

  • Velvet: Elevate your winter look with the opulence of velvet. Velvet suits or tuxedos add a luxurious touch and are ideal for formal winter affairs. 

  • Cashmere Blend: For the ultimate in comfort and luxury, a cashmere blend suit or tuxedo is a superb choice. The softness of cashmere combined with other materials like wool ensures both warmth and a sumptuous feel. 

  • Mohair: If you’re seeking a winter suit fabric that effortlessly blends elegance with breathability, mohair is an excellent choice. Known for its lightweight and breathable properties, a mohair suit or tuxedo provides comfort without sacrificing style. 

  • Brocade or Jacquard: For those embracing a more lavish winter wedding theme, consider brocade or jacquard fabrics. These intricate weaves create visually appealing patterns and textures, making them perfect for a formal winter soirée. Choose deep, jewel-toned colors to enhance the regal feel.



Tuxedo and Groom Suit Ideas

Choosing the right wedding outfit is dependent on the type of wedding. (This also is a good rule of thumb for a wedding guest as well.) Deciding between a suit and a tuxedo depends on the formality of the event (and personal taste). Traditional style or a formal evening wedding calls for a tuxedo. Of course, a three-piece suit also elevates a groom’s look; this would easily be appropriate for a semi-formal winter wedding. A more casual wedding or daytime wedding may require less formality. 

  • Traditional tuxedo or suit – For a black-tie wedding, your choices are pretty limited. Consider a classic, formal look. This attire is typically a black or darker color jacket with matching trousers, a white shirt, and a bowtie or necktie. Of course, you can add a pop of color to embrace wedding colors. (A french cuff shirt really can elevate your outfit.)

  • Destination wedding attire – Escaping your area’s cold winter? Do yourself the favor and choose light and airy clothing especially with a more casual dress code. Depending on when and where you’ll be celebrating, you’ll want breathable fabrics. Linen, seersucker suits, short-sleeved shirts, and light-colored shoes are all great ideas for beach weddings.

  • Rustic or bohemian wedding attire – Try a relaxed, earthy wardrobe that is suitable for a more laid-back, outdoor wedding event. Think denim shirts, suspenders, and brown leather shoes. As it’s winder, you may want to choose a heavier lined jacket, sweater, and/or layers.

  • Military uniform – For grooms who are active or former military personnel, they can opt to wear their dress uniform as a symbol of their service.

Of course, a well-tailored suit can also exude a level of sophistication and charm. With a suit, you can dress it up and down with the right button-down shirt, tie, and other accessories. Pay attention to styling details like lapels and buttons to achieve the perfect winter look. Always choose a wedding style suit that you feel comfortable wearing.

Consider Seasonal Accessories

Whether it’s your wedding day or a winter day, accessories can add a special touch to your look. 

  • Silk ties and pocket squares
  • Soft, leather gloves
  • Cashmere printed scarf (also makes a great wedding party gift!)

Don’t forget about a seasonal berry boutonniere – a small detail that ties the entire look together.

Proper Footwear Selection

When it comes to winter wedding groom fashion, selecting the right footwear is paramount for both style and practicality. Here are some options you may wish to choose from:

  • Stylish Boots: Opt for stylish boots that not only complement your chosen attire but also provide the necessary insulation for colder temperatures. Leather or suede boots in darker tones like deep brown or black can add a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

  • Formal Shoe Choices: If the wedding attire leans towards the formal side, classic formal shoes remain a timeless choice. Ensure they are weather-resistant to tackle any unexpected winter weather challenges.

  • Consider Ankle or Chelsea Boots: Ankle or Chelsea boots offer a stylish alternative, providing a contemporary and sleek look. They not only pair well with suits but also offer additional ankle support. Opt for darker shades for a classic winter vibe.

Remember, your choice of footwear is more than a practical consideration – it’s a key component in completing your winter wedding look. Whether it’s elegant boots, classic formal shoes, or a stylish blend of both, the right footwear ensures you step into your wedding day with both style and confidence.

Complete Your Winter Wedding Groom Look

So you’ve completed your walk down the aisle and reception look. However, you may have missed one key item – your outerwear. Even if you do not think you need a coat, you probably do.

    • Overcoat: A staple in men’s formal fashion, overcoats are available in various lengths and materials, such as wool or cashmere. 

    • Peacoat: A timeless choice for men’s formal outerwear, peacoats are double-breasted and offer a shorter length. Ideal for colder weather, they effortlessly combine style and warmth, making them suitable for various formal events.

    • Tuxedo Cape: Specifically designed for formal occasions, a tuxedo cape provides a unique and elegant layering option for men, enhancing the overall style quotient of the groom or wedding party.

    Choosing the right formal outerwear for men involves considering the formality of the event, the season, and personal style preferences.

Winter Wedding Groom Suit Care

It is rare that you purchase clothing that fits you. And it shouldn’t. We are meant to buy garments – and then have them tailored to fit our bodies. This simple reminder should make shopping a little bit easier. Hint – Hallak offers tailoring and alterations at both locations. (How nice is that?)

Prior to your wedding, you may be in need of tailoring and/or restyling of your fashion. If you are rewearing or renting items, a pre-wedding cleaning may also be a priority. After our big day, schedule your pick-up for post-wedding care. Hallak’s team will be sure to clean and finish your fashion. We are a trusted name among fashion enthusiasts, designer garment boutiques, and designers.

Last Thoughts on Winter Weddings Groomswear

In addition to looking your best, it is important that you take into consideration what weather you may be dealing with. Rain, snow…these can easily ruin a look without some preparation.

The winter season usually requires heavier and warmer clothing materials such as wool o cashmere, which are ideal for keeping cozy. Of course, you may be dancing so layers are key! 

In addition to providing warmth, winter wedding grooms fashion also can incorporate functional features such as waterproofing, wind-resistant materials, and fur trim. Fortunately, there are plenty of cold-weather friendly footwear designed with thicker soles and insulation to keep the feet warm and dry. Just make sure they are stylish OR you have something more stylish to change into.

Questions about the pre or post winter wedding groom suit care? Contact us today.

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