Interior Cleaning Services

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Interior cleaning services beyond your regular maintenance.

Hallak Cleaners expert interior specialists are the professionals you have been looking for.  Whether you are interested in a spring cleaning or specific stain removal, your home’s decor will receive expert care.

Familiar with Hallak Cleaners?

First, allow us to briefly introduce ourselves. For over five decades, Hallak has been a family-owned and operated couture dry cleaner.  Of course, it only made sense to provide the same level of interior care.  In the same way Hallak is known for garment care, we are also a trusted name amongst interior design firms.

Home Furnishing Cleaning.

While many clients care for their furnishings regularly, a professional cleaning is needed at times.  A little spring cleaning? Fall clean-up before the holiday rush?  Interior cleaning services include area rugs, carpets, window treatments, upholstery, fabric walls and more.

Home Detailing.

Post-construction home detailing or home restoration project?  Unforeseen events and remodeling can leave your home in a bit of disarray.  To simplify the process, Hallak works with many major insurance companies on your behalf.  In addition, clients love the detailed inventory report and work itself. Most importantly, Hallak’s highly talented team will treat your home with the utmost respect.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be welcomed back to a professionally detailed home?

In conclusion, you invest in your home’s decor. Therefore, it only makes sense to trust their care to the professionals.  Hallak’s team provides services for New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.  For window treatments, we do offer take-down and re-hang options.

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