October Fashion

October Fashion 

October  fashion is autumn-kissed. With Hallak on your side, look great all season long

As the month comes to a close, it’s a good time to check in on your October fashion. A few weeks after September’s New York fashion week, the weather begins to change. And then, it comes. The tricky time in navigating what to wear daily.

Cold in the morning, beautiful during the day, and then back to a crisp chill. And let’s not even talk about the rain! (Or worse, snow!) For many of us in the New York Metropolitan area, it is even trickier because of the commute. Nobody wants to be weighed down by unnecessary garments so you try to be strategic in your wardrobe plan.

The Transition to October Fashion

Initially, many may not want to make the pivot to cooler weather clothing.Then, we remember it is boots season! So maybe letting go of those summer vibes isn’t so bad.

However, there is the troublesome aspect of the seasonal clothing switch. Do you switch out everything at one time and then be stuck with nothing to wear on a refreshingly warmer fall day?

Although a bit more cumbersome, it is best to have a gradual change. This way, you ae not left in a tricky situation. (This will also be helpful during the return to spring months later.) For example, it is best to consider leaving layering and year-round items out – all year long.

A few suggestion would be:

  • Jeans
  • Light jacket (e.g. trench)
  • Neutral colored sweaters
  • Short and long-sleeve tees

Without much stress, garments like these can easily go from summer to a fall outfit. As the weather begins to lean more towards the cold, you can then amp up the switch.

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Storage Tips

If storing at home, it is important to clean all clothing prior to storing. Even if you wore something once, it should be cleaned. If left as-is, you run the risk of invisible stains discoloring over time or unwanted pest issues.

It is also important to stress that plastic is not your friend. When storing garments, always option for breathable storage options. Throwing in a few cedar blocks and other anti-pest extras are also not a bad idea.

When Hallak Cleaners was deciding on its clothing storage, we listened to our clients. From speaking with them over the decades, there was a definite need for an easier way to store seasonal garments.

We offer box and cold clothing storage. The box storage ideal for all your garments. (All clothing is professionally cleaned prior to being stored.) What’s great about it is that you can add and take throughout the storage season. Our team also offers free pickup and delivery. Take the stress out of clothing storage. And free up some closet space for those new fallfashion trends.

Autumn Outerwear

Layering is your friend. So don’t overlook the importance of some great looking outerwear. We’re talking….trenches, suede jackets, light puffers, and more.

Fortunately, New York City is a fashion mecca so you have so many options.Take a look at what fashion trends are speaking to you. How does it fit into your current wardrobe?

Typiclally, it’s best to have a few staple items such as outerwear in your neutral colors – black and beige. Then, splurge on a few fun, bolder choices. Because why not? If you’re out and about, your jacket may be the highlight of your falloutfit.

Before heading out in your fall leather and suede, be sure to check the weather. Avoid getting caught in any weather dangerous to these types of skins. If you do get caught, please remember to air dry. Don’t force it or you risk the chance of drying it out. Then, speak to your favorite local cleaners regarding its proper after-care. There are treatments to keep your items supple and looking their best.

Fall Footwear

Uggs. You either love them or hate them. If they are part of your fall and winter style, then you need to know about Hallak’s ugg cleaning service.  Rain, snow and life can leave their impression on your favorite footwear.  Don’t wait until they are a mess. Regular (and affordable!) maintenance keep them looking their best. In addition, stains treated sooner rather than later tend to lift better. Older stains may require touch-up dye to cover up properly.  Hallak’s suede and leather department have all the tools and tricks so you can feel confident about your Ugg care.

In addition, we care for all of your favorite fall footwear. During the fall and winter seasons, your boots particularly have a rough time. They get scuffed, caught in the rain, scratched up by road salt, etc. Before returning to your closet, inspect them for signs of the day. By caring for these trouble areas early on, you’ll be sure to have your favorites looking their best. Protect those investment pieces!

October Fashion and Fall Colors

Cooler temperatures mean styling for the season. Jewel tones. Rich browns. Autumn gold. Yes, yes, and yes. There is something special about fall colors that instantly makes you feel cozy.

While you do not have to do a full color overhaul, it is nice to mix in some seasonal hues. When choosing, choose variations that enhance your skintone and that you feel good in.

Working on an outfit idea, consider what the weather is like for the day and what you will be doing. Pair a dress with boots. Cooler day? Throw on a moto jacket for a bit of an edge. Consider a nice pair of pants button-down and topped with a light sweater. There are so many options. You can be comfortable and still look New York ready. Find your styleand build your wardrobe to suit it.

Hallak is one of the remaining family-owned and operated couture dry cleaners – couture dry cleaning, wash-and-fold, alterations, tailoring, repairs and more. Free pick-up and delivery available in your areas.

Whether storage or fabric care, Hallak is here for all your October fashion. Request your pick-up today.

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