Spring Window Treatment Care

Spring Window Treatment Care

Let’s start spring cleaning!

Spring window treatment care is an important spring cleaning to-do. Unfortunately, your treatments can often be overlooked or put off to the side. After all, they are not the easiest to care for.

That’s why you have us – Hallak! Our interior department provides expert care for all your home furnishings such as:

Regular cleaning removes allergens such as pollen and dust.  While they may look clean, not everything is what it seems.

With the help of Hallak, we can take-down, clean and re-hang your living room curtains. Roman shades need a little love? Allow us to help.

Even in today’s times, you should be keeping up with your spring cleaning checklist.  Initially, you may not be comfortable with the idea of ‘strangers’ coming into your home. However, please know that our home team is well-trained on all safety measures so there is no need to worry.

Interested in an estimate? Toros, our head of interiors, would be happy to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to email info@hallak.com or call (201) 206-2881.

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