End of the Summer Fashion Tips

End of Summer Packing Tips

With the end of the summer just a few weeks away, you are most likely trying to make the most of your time.  

This could mean a trip to your summer home, a big all-out trip, or spending time with local friends. When it comes to fashion, it doesn’t really matter what you are actually doing. You simply want to look and feel your best.

End of Summer Packing Made Easy

For those traveling (even a short distance), packing can be stressful!

Before you even start, take a few minutes to consider what you will need. Take into consideration the following:

  • Location’s weather (and its possibilities)?
  • How active will you be?
  • Amount of pool/beach time?
  • Any formal events included?
  • What level of comfort is needed for any travel time?

All of these questions may seem obvious, but we have all been stuck missing that one (or few) item. Why stress when you’re away? Although we love a reason to shop, it’s better to be prepared.

In addition to your garments, it is important to consider those little details. The right undergarments, accessories, footwear, and tools. Yes, tools. Even with the most expert packer, wrinkles can happen. That’s why we love a personal steamer. Fortunately, there are plenty of travel options to choose from.

Additional Packing Tips

If you do not have the patience of stress level to care for items on vacation, choose your garments wisely. You may also find these next tips helpful in creating a versatile vacation wardrobe.

  • Light, summer fabrics tend to wrinkle less
  • Prints show less wrinkles (and they look great!)
  • Mix-and-match solids to go together or pair with prints
  • Neutral shoes and accessories

Before heading out the door, do you lay your outfits for a clear vision? Or are you a toss and go kind-of-person. If the latter, Hallak strongly encourages you to take that extra time in planning ahead.  With the added time, you can take care of those alterations, spot-clean any stained item, freshen up that suit, etc. There are so many benefits!

Pressed for time prior to your trip? Schedule your pick-up.  Hallak will swing by to pick up any dry cleaning or wash-and-fold. Questions about fabric care or our services? Ask away. Our team is here to help!

For more helpful tips on packing, please check out our full tip sheet.

Here’s to a fun (and fashionable) end of summer!

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