July Weddings

July Weddings

July weddings are in full effect. 2022 has proven to be the year of the wedding. As many couples can attest to, this is the year of many make-up weddings. And this in addition to all the couples that planned on marrying this year anyway!

Summertime can be a tricky time for your special day. It can be really hot and/or very stormy. If you are gifted with the perfect day, then you should be smiling all the way down the aisle. If you are met with rain (considered good luck!), then you may want to keep a few items in mind. Rainy days may have you considering to dress inside and limit your outdoor walking. Or you can enlist some understanding wedding party members to make sure your gown stays off the ground. This is especially important before your ceremony, pictures, and grand entrance. Hem soil does not fit in the picture perfect look.

Before your big day, speak with your alterations team regarding bustling. Is there a bustle in place? Does it need back-up or reenforcement. Many brides are challenged with a broken bustle so we do suggest either adding or reenforcing. This will alleviate any wedding day stress of what to do with your train that keeps falling down! Stressful, right?

In 2020, weddings started cancelling. This meant a lot of our brides calling with storage requests until their future plans were set. At Hallak, our goal is to bring down your wedding fashion stressful level. So of course, we were happy help in any we could. (We actually had one bride who ended up rescheduling 2x before she was able to gleefully tie the knot!)

Through it all, Hallak let those couples know that they had a friend.  For example, brides with undetermined wedding dates are storing their wedding gowns – at no additional charge.  Throughout the months, wedding consultants reached out to let brides know they had one less stress. Their wedding gowns are safe!

Whether it is a smooth or bumpy road, we are making our way together.  Hallak Weddings thanks you for your trust in our expert garment care.

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