July Weddings

July Weddings: Fashion and Its Care

July weddings are very popular for many reasons.  When we think of the New York metro area, the weather is very welcoming for outdoor events and the perfect time to take a little time away.

Of course, there is our areas heat and humidity to contend with. When choosing your wedding attire (wedding party and guests included!), it’s important to take temperature issues into consideration. 

Summer Weddings

For the most part, July typically offers warm and sunny weather in many parts of the world. Therefore, it is considered an ideal time for all sorts of outdoor weddings such as garden ceremonies, beachside nuptials, and backyard receptions. Hopefully, it allows the happy couple to plan their special day without worrying about extreme rain or cold. Of course, you should always have a backup plan (or tent!) just in case. The weather is never to be trusted!

With summer in full swing, you can expect nature to help out in with a beautiful backdrop. Blooming flowers and lush greenery provide that perfect accent for your wedding images and complete celebration.

We also have to mention how bountiful July is when we think of fresh fruits and flowers. Take advantage of nature’s seasonal items for beautiful bouquets, stunning centerpieces, and menu items.

Wedding Party Fashion

If you have chosen a July or summer wedding it’s important to consider the warm weather and humidity. How can you maintain your overall aesthetic and feel comfortable at the same time.

  • Lightweight and breathable fabrics. Linen, silk, organza, lace, and cotton are ideal.
  • Sleeve options. Short-sleeves are best under suits, jumpsuits, or as a standalone. Strapless and sleeveless gowns will keep you cool.
  • Flowy silhouettes. Wedding dresses that allow for movement are both flattering and comfortable. Loose suits are also great for airflow.
  • Lighter hues. Traditional brides will have no issues choosing a white gown that reflects sunlight. And don’t forget about your bridesmaids! Opt for light-colored suits and dresses in light gray, tan, or shades of pastel.
  • Comfortable footwear. In the heat and humidity, your feel tend to swell. Invest in comfortable dress shoes and/or sandals to prevent any discomfort as you dance the day away. 

Summer Wedding Guest Fashion

Much like the wedding party, you should follow similar tips to keep looking and feeling your best from the ceremony to the reception. 

After the ceremony, guests are often left to tend to themselves for a short period of time between the vow ceremony and reception. It is especially important to think about this when deciding your outfit. 

Many fabrics have a tendency to wrinkle over time. Then, add summer moisture and you’re asking for a wrinkled look the rest of the party. One way to hide these issues is choosing patterns such as stripes, floral, etc.

Don’t forget the accessories. Hats and sunglasses are perfect for protection  – and can also elevate your overall style. 

Summer Fashion Tips

While we can pretend you glisten and don’t sweat, fabrics can’t hide your body’s perspiration.

So let’s be honest. You need to be wearing your sunscreen, deodorant, and other personal hygiene essentials.  It’s important to apply these items prior to getting dressed. This way, they don’t end up on your garments.

Throughout the day or night, you’re naturally going to sweat. Take this into consideration when choosing your garments. Ask yourself a few questions:

Will this fabric show perspiration?

Is this fabric breathable?

Does this fabric and/or style lend itself to natural drying?

By keeping these questions in mind, you have a better chance of avoiding unsightly stains in pictures and general uncomfortableness.

July Wedding and Your Wardrobe

To make sure you look and feel your best, be sure to consider the items above. In addition, make those wedding alteration appointments to ensure your dress and/or suit fits you properly. 

After all the partying is over, be sure to invest in post care for your wedding fashion. Don’t allow your body’s natural oils, perspiration, deodorant, and other factors to leave their mark (and cause discoloration).

Trust in your local dry cleaners for the proper care. And have a great summer wedding from your friends at Hallak cleaners.


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