No Time for a Bath? At-Home Dog Grooming Tip!

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No Time for a Bath? No Problem. Here’s a Quick Dog Grooming Tip! Our pets are our family.  Even with the best of care, our dogs can develop a little scent – to put it nicely.    There are several easy at home ways you can help diminish it. Lavender is often used in perfumes, body washes, lingerie sachets, and bed linen sprays.  It is thought to be soothing and calming which is why you may also find it in certain treatments for pet anxieties.  It is also a great way to have your pup smelling fresh and clean. Mixture 1 cup of water 10 drops of lavender oil 6 drops of peppermint oil 6 drops of orange oil Shake well and spray lightly over dog.  Please be sure to avoid  your dog’s head and cover his eyes during application.  (This makes a ‘batch’ so you can store it and

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Leave the Laundry and Everything Else to Us…

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Leave the laundry to us…   That’s right! While some customers use us for everything, others trust us with just their special pieces that they wouldn’t trust anyone else with.  Although we are a couture cleaner, we are also a full service dry cleaner.  Yes, Hallak has you looking your best in your suits and dresses…but did you know you can be sleeping in a dream bed? Freshly washed and pressed bed linens will be awaiting you to give you the ultimate night’s rest.  Take a look around your home. Perhaps your window treatments need a little freshening up? Did this brutal winter wreak havoc on your wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs? With specialized departments, Hallak Cleaners is here to assist you with any services that you may require.  Please email or call (212) 832-0750 and speak with one of our knowledgable customer service representatives today!

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Spring is finally here!

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Although it was technically spring at the end of March, it’s finally starting to look and feel like the season. We waited long enough so why not get started on all those day trips and vacations you have been thinking on those cold, winter nights. Vacations to exotic islands and foreign countries are amazing for so many different reasons. From new cultures to soaking up sun on a deserted beach, traveling afar can offer many exciting memories. However, you shouldn’t discredit what secret gems are hidden in your own backyard…or close enough.  That’s right act like a tourist.  Unless we have visitors coming to stay, many of us forget to look around and discover new places just a drive or cab ride away.  Spring is in the air so jump in your favorite driver’s seat and head out. Here are a few suggestions: -The Loch (Mid Central Park – North

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Bridal Sample Sale Follow Up

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Bridal Sample Sale Follow Up Here’s a quick look at this past Saturday’s Bridal Sample Sale that was held at our Manhattan store.  It may have been a gloomy, rainy day but the brides were on a mission.  They already said, “I do” and they were ready to say, “Yes” to the dress. When we hold a bridal sample sale at our stores, we do a quick make-over as you can see.  Shelves are emptied, furniture is shifted, …  During any of our sales though, we do our best to keep our loyal clientele from feeling any sort of discomfort in terms of dropping off or picking up from that location. The stores remain open for normal day to day business throughout the event. Bridal designer, Michelle Roth, is present the entire day to assist brides in finding their perfect dream gown.  Combine her expert advice and gorgeous gowns at

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Michelle Roth Bridal Sample Sale…Find Your Wedding Dress!

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Michelle Roth Bridal Sample Sale…Find Your Wedding Dress! This Saturday at Hallak Cleaners Look what our friends, Michelle Roth and Henry Roth, just shared with us! Over the years, we have developed both a business and personal relationship with these wonderful sibling bridal designers. It has been a pleasure assisting them and love hosting Bridal Sample Sales featuring their designs. Event Details for This Saturday, March 29th Hallak Cleaners Manhattan Store 1232 Second Avnue New York, NY 10065 10am – 2pm (No appointments necessary!) What will be on sale? Heavily discounted bridal gowns, boleros, belts, sashes, and jewelry.  When you purchase a gown, you may also purchase one of Hallak Cleaners special packages for services such as alterations, gown cleaning, and preservation.  There will also be special offers for dry cleaning and linens. Refreshments will be served. Email for details or call (212) 832-0750. After marking your calendar and

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Bridal Sample Sale!

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Bridal Sample Sale…This Saturday! Bridal Sale Sample Details Where?                   Hallak Cleaners Manhattan Storefront located at 1232 Second Avenue (near 65th) When?                     Saturday, March 29th,2014 – 10am to 2pm Who’s Invited?  You are! No appointments necessary. Bridal designer, Michelle Roth, will be co-hosting another one of our loved Bridal Sample Sales! She will be on-hand to help assist you in finding your perfect wedding dress.  There will be a large selection of heavily discounted gowns in various styles and sizes.  Accessories such as belts and jewelry will also be on sale. When you purchase a gown, you also have the option of purchasing  one of our Hallak Cleaners discount package for services such as alterations, gown cleaning, finishing, and preservation. Yes, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you will be

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Prom is Right Around the Corner

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Prom is right around the corner for some teenagers. Updated: March 26, 2014 We have  been receiving some fabulous gowns at both locations. Please continue to drop them off. The more the better! ————— Unfortunately, prom is not always attainable for all families.  While taking a look at your winter wardrobe, why not make some room for your spring collection by donating gently worn formal gowns?  Do you remember how special your prom was? It is a time where young ladies search for that perfect dress, have their hair done, and try a more sophisticated makeup style.  Prom is a huge deal for many teenagers and everyone should have the opportunity to experience it.  If you have the opportunity to help out a young girl or girls in need by simply donating a gown, wouldn’t you? We make it easy. Simply bring in your gowns and we’ll handle the rest.

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The Big Egg Hunt in NYC

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The Big Egg Hunt in NYC is on it’s way! From April 1 to April 26th, New York will be hosting The Big Hunt sponsored by Faberge.  Communities across the five boroughs are invited to take a magical journey in locating all 200 eggs ‘hidden’ in public areas.  Eggs were designed by big names such as Carolina Herrera and Diane Von Furstenberg.  Af the end of the event, the eggs will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s; 100% of the proceeds will be donated. This is just one of many egg hunt related activities that will be going on throughout the city and tri-state area. Take a look at your area to see what family events you could be attending. Have fun and happy hunting!

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(201) Magazine’s Style & Beauty Week Launch Party!

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Have you gotten your tickets yet? (201) Magazine has thrown great parties in the past and we are sure this won’t be any different.  This year’s event is held at the Victory Sports Bar and Club at the Meadowlands Race Track.   Local celebrity, Melissa Gorga of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, will be in attendance showcasing her new book - Love Italian Style.  If you have been following the show, you know that book will be full of fun stories and perhaps some tips. The (201) Style and Beauty Week Launch Party is to launch their special Style and Beauty Week – March 28 thru April 6.  If you haven’t gotten your copy , you should pick it up for your special savings pass and participating vendors – including yours truly! We will also be in attendance at the show and would love for you to stop by.

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Long Weekend?

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Long weekend anyone? … the snow never came. And we are okay with it.  For many of our friends in government offices, they enjoyed an extra day off due to the expected state of emergency.   If you were fortunate to have that extra day, we hope you enjoyed the extra sleep and maybe indulged in your favorite movie or hobby. Even those who had to go to work seem to be happy because no snow is good news! If you had scrolled through yesterday’s social media feeds, you would’ve seen an abundance of ‘no more snow’ and other anti-snow posts.  And we don’t blame anyone for complaining!  Snow makes everything more difficult.  From traveling to work to figuring out your child’s school schedule, there is a time that even the Metropolitan area’s biggest lover of snow says “Enough”!  Fashion boutiques, restaurants, and other business owners have been hit hard

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