Fresh Start for Fall

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Fresh Start for Fall Donation Drive October 1st thru November 30th   We would like to introduce Hallak Cleaner’s Fresh Start for Fall Clothing donation drive. This is the perfect time to switch out your summer wardrobe for your fall and winter garments. To make a donation, you may stop by either of our retail locations or call in a pick-up. Cleaned career garments will be donated to That Suits You and Dress for Success.   Items that do not meet their criteria will be donated to Goodwill. If you wish to donate clothing, please fill out this Tax Receipt Form below and follow it’s instructions.       As required by the Internal Revenue Code, there were no goods or services provided to you in consideration for this gift.   Thank you. For more information, please visit:    

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Bridal Gown Services …& Everything Else

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Bridal Gown Services …& Everything Else There is no shortage of bridal magazines, books, forums, AND advice.  By now, you have come across plenty of helpful wedding planning checklists. The to-do’s include the suggested time frames for booking a venue, ordering your floral arrangements, and choosing a gown. In case you had any questions concerning bridal gowns, we thought we’d offer some useful tips.  Bridal gown services tend to be the last thing you think about but they require proper timing too. If you are planning on purchasing brand new, you should keep in mind that it will most likely have to be ordered.  Often, ordering  a gown can take six months to a year.  If you are having a gown custom-made, you should expect the same sort of timeline. When buying a sample, be realistic.  Although it may be a ‘great deal’, please do not ignore the possible hidden

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Joan Rivers: Fashion Critic and Comedy Queen

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Joan Rivers: Fashion Critic and Comedy Queen Yesterday, we lost a true entertainment talent…and business woman.  Joan Rivers was not to be taken lightly.  Her career proved this.  Whether you are young or old, Joan Rivers is a name you know.  As ignorant as it may sound, she was someone that you were so accustomed to seeing that you didn’t think of her passing.  The sudden and tragic passing affected many.  If you have visited any social media outlet lately, you have been met with countless posts reflecting quotes, fun stories, and memories of Joan.  While still heartbreaking, we can only think that these posts much touch Joan’s friends and families. Do you love to laugh? Joan had us laughing.  Love fashion? Joan had us laughing AND offering fashion advice.  We loved watching her on E!’s Fashion Police and there was so much more to this fascinating woman’s career.  Did

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Back to School Days

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It’s Back to School Week For many in our area, schools welcomed children back.  While some parents may be happy, it also marks the end of summer.  (And no one really likes that, do they?)  Even the school year has officially begun, it isn’t too late to pick up a few last pieces of clothing.  Before you head out, we thought we’d share with you some of the current trends.  Children’s fashion trends seem to be quite similar with what is going on in the adult fashion world. Mad About Plaid Plaid is in.  Male or female. Young or old. It works.  Pick up a few of your favorites in plaid.  You can find great patterns in items such as: backpacks, sneakers, leggings, and shirts. Quirky Prints As with many famous designers, quirky prints are an easy way to add a little fun to today’s outfit.  Pair a fun print

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Hallak Cleaners Instagram is Here!

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Instagram Facts Hallak Cleaners is now on Instagram. Are you?   Fun Instagram Facts There are over 200 active users a month Nearly 75 million of you, use Instagram daily From December 2013 to May 2014, the mobile app usage went up by 25% Over 500 million Tweets are sent daily With this kind of numbers, it is safe to assume that many of you are already on Instagram.  Are you following us? On Instagram, we are “hallakthecouturecleaner”.  Although we are new, you’ll be sure to see a steady stream of random pics. From fashion to Hallak friends, we think you’ll enjoy it. What are you posting on Instagram? Fun quotes? Pics of yourself? Food? Whatever you choose to share, there is sure to be an audience.  Social media has certainly grown over the last several years.  While there is a fine line between business and personal accounts, we like to

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Throw Your Own Emmys Party

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Throw Your Own Emmys Party   Did you know that last year nearly 18 million people tuned in to watch the Emmys?  This year the awards show will be live Monday, August 25th, which is a bit unusual.  Typically, the Emmys are broadcasted on a Sunday night.  However, they do not wish to compete against another heavily-watched event, the MTV Video Music Awards.  Seth Meyers will be hosting this year’s Emmys.  And a touching Robin Williams tribute is to be presented by pal, Billy Crystal.  Even if you are not a fan of award programs, right there is a reason to watch all in itself.     For some, the Emmys is the perfect excuse to have a party or get-together with friends.  You can put in as much effort as you wish.  Some plan small gatherings with a few cocktails and finger food.  Other fans go all out and

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Shopping Tips …The Hidden Cost of Clothes

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Shopping Tips Have you given much though to the hidden cost of your clothes? For many people, carefree shopping is one of the best pastimes.  There is something to be said about walking into your favorite boutique and finding that perfect piece.  Do you absolutely need it? Most likely, no. Do you have to have it? Well,… yes.  As your neighborhood friend, we do not want to put a damper on your shopping experience; however, it is our responsibility to provide some shopping tips and let you in on the hidden costs of  clothes. What is a typical shopping experience for you?  Perhaps, you browse through your favorite boutique and a few items are then placed in your designated dressing room.  While  trying on your soon-to-be new favorite item(s), you are checking the fit and feel.  Many buyers do not give much thought to a garment’s care though.  As a full service

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Donation Drive…Marie-Louise’s Fresh Start for Fall

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Marie-Louise’s Fresh Start for Fall Donation Drive Sound familiar?  You are not alone. Many people have closets and drawers full of items that they do not wear yet just can’t let go of.  People tend to hold onto garments for numerous reasons including sentimental, change in weight, or you just love it.  If you simply love it, then stop waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to wear it. Enjoy it! Yes, we know it’s already August but before you know the colder weather will start to work it’s way in.  Late summer / early fall is the perfect time to start thinking about your seasonal wardrobe.  When cleaning out your closets, be honest about what you have worn and will actually be wearing next spring and summer. While looking through your colder month wardrobe, you may notice some items that you kept just to keep last year.  Why not donate them

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge If you are on just about any social media outlets or watch the news, you may have heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Anyone from your favorite celebrity to your best friend are accepting the challenge…and then challenging you.  Have you taken the challenge yet?  In a fun way to raise ALS awareness, the ice bucket challenge has literally gone viral.  Don’t believe us? Check out Google’s video search results for  “Ice Bucket Challenge”.  Yesterday, John-Claude Hallak was challenged.  And as you can see, he accepted!

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Best of Bergen Polls are Open!

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Vote for Best of Bergen Today! Yes, it’s that time of the year again! (201) Magazine has opened  their polls for Best of Bergen 2015.  Have you voted yet? Whether you have lived here all your life or recently moved, there is no doubt that you have found many reasons to love Bergen County.  From the shopping to the fine restaurants, you can always find something enjoyable to do.  With it being summer, we thought what better time than to brag about our huge park system – about 9,000 acres!  Here are just some of the fun outdoor activities you can take advantage of : Five Golf Courses Nationally Accredited Zoo Horseback Riding Historic Sites Picnic Areas Skiing (Winter will be here before you know it.) If you love Bergen as much as we do, don’t forget to vote for your favorite local businesses.  Community is everything so vote today

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