Shopping Tips …The Hidden Cost of Clothes

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Shopping Tips Have you given much though to the hidden cost of your clothes? For many people, carefree shopping is one of the best pastimes.  There is something to be said about walking into your favorite boutique and finding that perfect piece.  Do you absolutely need it? Most likely, no. Do you have to have it? Well,… yes.  As your neighborhood friend, we do not want to put a damper on your shopping experience; however, it is our responsibility to provide some shopping tips and let you in on the hidden costs of  clothes. What is a typical shopping experience for you?  Perhaps, you browse through your favorite boutique and a few items are then placed in your designated dressing room.  While  trying on your soon-to-be new favorite item(s), you are checking the fit and feel.  Many buyers do not give much thought to a garment’s care though.  As a full service

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Donation Drive…Marie-Louise’s Fresh Start for Fall

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Marie-Louise’s Fresh Start for Fall Donation Drive Sound familiar?  You are not alone. Many people have closets and drawers full of items that they do not wear yet just can’t let go of.  People tend to hold onto garments for numerous reasons including sentimental, change in weight, or you just love it.  If you simply love it, then stop waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to wear it. Enjoy it! Yes, we know it’s already August but before you know the colder weather will start to work it’s way in.  Late summer / early fall is the perfect time to start thinking about your seasonal wardrobe.  When cleaning out your closets, be honest about what you have worn and will actually be wearing next spring and summer. While looking through your colder month wardrobe, you may notice some items that you kept just to keep last year.  Why not donate them

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge If you are on just about any social media outlets or watch the news, you may have heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Anyone from your favorite celebrity to your best friend are accepting the challenge…and then challenging you.  Have you taken the challenge yet?  In a fun way to raise ALS awareness, the ice bucket challenge has literally gone viral.  Don’t believe us? Check out Google’s video search results for  “Ice Bucket Challenge”.  Yesterday, John-Claude Hallak was challenged.  And as you can see, he accepted!

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Best of Bergen Polls are Open!

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Vote for Best of Bergen Today! Yes, it’s that time of the year again! (201) Magazine has opened  their polls for Best of Bergen 2015.  Have you voted yet? Whether you have lived here all your life or recently moved, there is no doubt that you have found many reasons to love Bergen County.  From the shopping to the fine restaurants, you can always find something enjoyable to do.  With it being summer, we thought what better time than to brag about our huge park system – about 9,000 acres!  Here are just some of the fun outdoor activities you can take advantage of : Five Golf Courses Nationally Accredited Zoo Horseback Riding Historic Sites Picnic Areas Skiing (Winter will be here before you know it.) If you love Bergen as much as we do, don’t forget to vote for your favorite local businesses.  Community is everything so vote today

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Summer Songs

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Summer Songs In 1970, Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summertime” was a huge hit.  Who knew thirty plus years later it would make the perfect accompaniment for dancing fruit?  This year’s version of the hit game,  Just Dance , showcases yet again how some songs can still be loved  generations later.  (If you’re a kid at heart, give the dance a shot.  We promise you’ll have a good laugh.)  While we are in the last lap of summer, what better time than now to take a look at some summer tunes? Whether you are on the beach or in the friendly skies, what are you go-to  vacation songs?  After reviewing several different Top Summer Song lists, we noticed a definite pattern.  Here are a few that continuously made ‘the list’: SUMMER IN THE CITY   (The Lovin’ Spoonful) HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME  (Sly and the Family Stone) SUMMERTIME  (Billy Stewart) SUMMERTIME

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Heirloom Restoration and Vintage Restoration

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Heirloom Restoration & Vintage Restoration When you think of a “Vintage Restoration”, what sort of items come to mind? Perhaps, it’s a vintage couture gown like celebrities don on the Red Carpet.    Maybe, it’s your mother’s wedding gown that is hanging in the back of your closet.  For one customer, it was her childhood doll.  (How adorable is Pooley? ) Whatever the piece may be, there is probably some sort of connection or love towards it.  If not, why would you go through the trouble of considering a vintage restoration? As with any item brought into a dry cleaner, you are trusting that this professional knows what is best.  Why not visit a cleaner with fifty years of experience behind them? Restoration is a different process than the standard dry cleaning or laundry you may be familiar with.  Most restorations involve a wet cleaning.  This process is normally used

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Dry Cleaning Experts in Your Area

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Dry Cleaning is a serious matter. When choosing your dry cleaner, it is best to take time to do a little investigating.  After all, you are taking the time and money to pay someone else to clean your items for you.  Don’t you deserve the best garment care possible? At times, it may seem easier to spot-clean or washing something yourself.  You may think to yourself, “What is the worst that could happen?”  Hallak Cleaners has a team of cleaning specialists who pride themselves in their knowledge of the latest techniques.  Did you know that a stain is either water or solvent-soluble?  Have you ever tried to take care of a spot and end up making it worse? Or the dreaded water ring?  Leave the cleaning to the professionals.  Dry cleaning is the answer for your wardrobe’s needs. While we understand price can be an issue, value is actually what

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Your Local Dry Cleaners Explain Wet Cleaning

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What is wet cleaning? When you drop off  at your dry cleaner, you may be surprised that a wet cleaning is suggested.  You may even think, “Why don’t I just wash this at home then?”  Wet cleaning is NOT the same as laundry. Every garment that passes through our door receives a full inspection.  During the initial stages, our spotting/cleaning department decides what solvents and processes are best suited. Wet cleaning is often an ideal choice for fabrics such as cashmere,  wool, silk, and linen.  Some pieces may not be able to withstand a dry cleaning without some possible issues.  In this circumstance, we may choose to wet clean instead.  Another example would be clothing with ornamentation.  Beads, sequins, and other trimmings are tested prior to being processed.  If there is a noticeable discoloration or worse (some dissolve!), a wet cleaning is the answer.  Without boring you with the technical

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Wedding Gown Preservation

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Wedding Gown Preservation   In your list of things to do, wedding gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation most likely does not make your top ten.  It probably doesn’t even make the first page.  However, gown preservation should definitely be a priority. First things first though  .What is a preservation? Preservation is not a specific process that is done to the gown; it doesn’t require some sort of special solvent or treatment. Preservation is a professional full cleaning and then proper storage. All of our wedding gowns are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and then stored within a museum-quality preservation box. It is NOT sealed. Garments should be able to breathe.  When we hand your gown back to you, we include instructions and white cotton gloves for viewing purposes.  All of our wedding gown preservations come with a lifetime guarantee backed by both us and the Association of Wedding Gown

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Your Local Dry Cleaner

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Your Local Dry Cleaner is Your Friend While many people may not actively go out of our way to befriend their local dry cleaner, it isn’t a bad idea to chat a little with us.  For many of you, the the dry cleaner is a weekly or bi-monthly visit or call.  Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to turn to for fabric care questions or tips?  We thought so. Both locations have expert customer service representatives that would be happy to assist you with your clothing care needs.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  More involved technical questions  may be passed to a senior representative or our plant manager.  It is our pleasure to provide any assistance you may require. Here are a few additional professional cleaning benefits: We make it easy.  When you trust your clothing to the pros, you don’t have to worry

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