Local Cleaners – Your Neighborhood’s Trusted Cleaner

Local Cleaners

Your Neighborhood’s Trusted Cleaner –

Hallak Cleaners

Local cleaners are not hard to find.  In fact, you may past several (and we mean several) on your way to work.  So how do you choose?  Do you just pick one and give it a try?

If you are a true lover of fashion or simply want to protect your investment, this decision should be given some though.  Do some research. Ask around. And also stop in to a cleaner or two.  Hallak Cleaners invites you to stop by either of their two locations: Manhattan and Bergen County.  We think there is no better way to learn about us then by getting to know us.

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We are more than just your local cleaners.

Hallak has been a trusted name among wardrobe enthusiasts, boutiques and designers for over fifty years.  That’s quite a resume!  We stand behind our work so much that we have a safe cleaning guarantee.  Our team prides ourselves on extraordinary fabric care AND expert customer service.

If you are unable to stop in, you may always call and speak with one of our talented customer service representatives by calling (212) 832-0750  Complimentary pick up and delivery is available in Manhattan, Bergen County, Westchester, Greenwich and the Short Hills area.  (We also have many out-of-the-area clientele who chose to stop by or ship their garments directly to our plant location.)  Schedule your pick up today!