August 2021 Summer Fashion

August 2021 Summer Fashion

What is in your August 2021 Summer Fashion wardrobe? From casual to couture, Hallak is here for all of your clothing care.

  • Crisp whites
  • Soft pastels
  • Bold brights
  • Textured linens

Between our dry cleaning and wash-and-fold services, your entire warm weather wardrobe is in the very best of hands. In the warmer months, perspiration, lotions, and other extra outside factors can wreak havoc on light and airy favorites.  Schedule your pick-up in advance so stains don’t stand a chance.

Both Hallak locations are  open Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm. On Saturday, New York is open from 8am – 4pm and New Jersey is open 8am – 3pm.  Complimentary pick-up and delivery is still available six days a week. Call (212) 832-0750 or email today.

At our stores, Hallak’s teams are taking the proper steps to ensure your safety – and the safety of our staff. If you have concerns, please feel free to call us. (For alterations and tailoring, our team members are wearing face masks.) 

Summer is not over so many of you still may be enjoying your time in the Hamptons. Currently, our driver is visiting on Mondays and Thursdays. 

As you may have heard, laundry and dry cleaning clean and sanitize garments.  In addition, Hallak is also offering home sanitizing services. If interested, please call or email today.


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