July Men’s Fashion Picks 2021

July Men’s Fashion Picks 2021

Wondering what July men’s fashion picks (and beyond) are?  Finish the rest of the summer off in style.

This summer, your ability to stay stylish and cool has certainly been challenged. When it is a sticky 90+ degrees, the last thing you may care about is looking good. You just want to stay cool! Fortunately, there are some great materials and cuts out there that can do both.

The Fabrics

  • Light cotton. The natural fibre allows air to flow through the fabric. This airflow allows those damp areas to dry out.
  • Linen. The loose woven, neutral fabric allows heat to escape. Plus, it allows moisture to absorb and dry quickly.
  • Jersey. This familiar knit fabric that is often a combination of fibre such as wool, cotton and synthetic. In the summer, it’s best to look for 100% cotton jersey.

Your Summer Workwear*

  • Slim-Fit Cuban Collar. Looks great and will keep you cool.
  • Classic Polo. Choose lightweight natural fabric – and then get in every color.
  • Comfort Jogger. Perfect pants for your remote summer position.
  • Essential Chino. Lightweight, looks office-ready and easy care.

*Hallak offers both dry cleaning & wash-and-fold services. Your entire wardrobe is in the best of hands.

Finish Your Summer Outfit Off Right*

  • Grown-up Leather Backpack.  They worked throughout your school years so make it work now. By upping the quality, you can bring all your necessities with you and still look stylish.
  • Sport Utility Carryall.  The carryall is great for the man on the go. Work to gym. Check. Work to cocktail hour. Check. Work to gym to cocktail hour. Check, check, check.

*Hallak’s expert accessory care also includes your luggage, briefcase, messenger bag, backpack, etc. Request a quote today.

Love looking good, but not a fan of creating outfits? Fortunately, you have many options. Personal stylist, boutique expert assistance, wardrobe subscription services, fashion magazines/blogs and more.  There is also the minimalist route, which is simply staying tonal. A monochromatic look in different shades always looks polished.

Unsure of how to care for your summer wardrobe? Feel free to stop by either of our store locations or call a team member today at (212) 832-0750. At Hallak, we are happy to help. Have a great summer!

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