March 2021 Shirt Laundry Reminder

March 2021 Shirt Laundry Reminder

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Hallak’s Shirt Laundry will keep you looking your very best day-after-day

It’s your March 2021 shirt laundry reminder. In case you forgot, we have three levels of shirt laundry!

For many, the button-down is a necessary wardrobe staple. Whether working in the office or remotely, clean dress shirts are essential. Unfortunately, this daily wardrobe piece are not the easiest to care for. Stain removal, general wear and other obstacles can make shirt cleaning a hassle.

And what is the most ‘difficult‘ party? Pressing to perfection!  That’s why you have Hallak on your side.  Take a peek below at our three different levels. Whether you choose Basic, Premium or Deluxe, please know that you will be thrilled with your shirt laundry.


Mostly machine finished with the basic hand touch-up to eliminate any impressions. This is suitable for a majority of shirts.


Machine finished, then followed by an extensive hand touch-up. After finishing, we will package your shirts individually to maintain the quality finish.


Each shirt are pressed to perfection by hand, inspected  and packaged individually.Furthermore, sleeves are stuffed to preserve the fine French-laundry look.

With this shirt laundry tier readily available, why are you wasting your precious time pressing your shirts at home. Allow us to help. Schedule your pick-up today by calling (212) 832-0750, the Hallak app or emailing us. Complimentary pick-up and delivery in Manhattan, Bergen County, Westchester, Hamptons, Greenwich and the Short Hills neighborhood.

In addition, you may want to add your suit and other garments to your pick-up or store drop-off. Recently, Hallak also added wash-and-fold .


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