Spring 2021 Planning for Your Fall Wedding

Spring 2021Planning for Your Fall Wedding

Let’s start your spring 2021 planning for your fall wedding!

Let’s start our spring 2021 planning for your fall wedding. Recently engaged and ready to go? Or rescheduled from 2020?  Either way, Hallak’s team is here to help.

Without taking the pandemic into consideration, it is safe to say that the New York area prefers September, October and November celebrations.  So now is the perfect time for both engaged and recently married couples to check off some to-dos on their checklist.

Pre Wedding 

Each wedding garment is as unique as its wearer.  Therefore, we kindly ask that we evaluate your items in-person to provide actual pricing. However, we can offer estimates for some of our wedding services.

Hallak has two locations: Bergen County and Manhattan.  Both stores are following the necessary safety precautions to ensure a comfortable visit.  For a general estimate, you may email info@hallak.com.

Final touches on your fall wedding celebration? Find a little wedding inspiration on our Pinterest page. And keep in mind that our sister company, Bergen Linen, offers party linen rentals. They offer a large selection of colors and sizes.

Hallak Cleaners is a full service couture dry cleaner. From wedding fashion to home furnishing care, we have a talented team that each have their unique expertise. Call (212) 832-0750 or visit either of our store locations


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