2021 Holiday Hours

2021 Holiday Hours

Hallak’s 2021 holiday hours for your review. Please review ahead of time to limit any surprises. 

This holiday season, we will be closing for both holiday eves and actual holidays (as seen above). Therefore, certain ‘regular’ pick-up days may change or be pushed to the next available date. For our New Jersey and Connecticut customers, you will be notified of your next pick-up. Please feel free to email info@Hallak.com or call (201) 343-7333 with any scheduling needs.

As always, you are welcome to schedule a pick up by email, the Hallak app and our online pick-up form.   In addition, we will be periodically checking the Hallak general inbox. However, both stores and the production plant will be closed so please keep this in mind. 

If you haven’t tried on or inspected any holiday items (e.g. garments, bed linens, table linens, etc.), this is the time to do so. This way, you can still schedule a pick-up or drop by either location and have delivered before Christmas Eve.


Questions? Please call (212) 832-0750.  Thank you again.


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