2022 Winter Weddings – Groomswear Edition

2022 Winter Weddings

2022 Winter weddings are in full swing. And Hallak’s Wedding Department is here for you.  You may already be familiar with our bridal services.  However, our services are for everyone.

When people think of weddings, they often think of the wedding dress and all that goes into finding, altering, etc. However, today’s weddings are so much more inclusive of everyone. And we are all for that.

Hallak’s Wedding Department is for everyone.  Our talented team can provide the proper care for your wedding gowns, pantsuits, tuxedos, suits and more casual attire. Mother-of-the-Brides? Bridesmaids? Groomsmen? Everyone – and we mean everyone.

Menswear is not nearly as talked about.  And we don’t feel that is exactly fair. After all, don’t we all love a man in a suit or tuxedo? A well-fitting suit can change a person’s confidence – that is pretty powerful clothing.  Currently trending is the three-piece suit.  It is such a great look.  You want each of those three pieces to fit you just so. Fortunately, tailoring is one of our many specialities.

Hallak’s Wedding Services include:

Whatever you need? We are here for you.  You are welcome to stop by either of our locations: Manhattan and Bergen County. A Hallak representative would be happy to discuss your needs and timeline. (There are no such things as ‘rush’ charges. However, we do suggest having a plan and allowing us the proper time to provide our exceptional care.)  Complimentary consultations are our speciality.

Questions? Can’t wait? Call (212) 832-0750 and get the answers you are looking for. And don’t forget to follow our Pinterest Wedding  and Instagram.

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