The Green Bride

Why the Green Bride Loves Hallak?

green bride, carbon fund,environmental friendly , green earth dry cleaning, green earth drycleaning, green earth drycleaners, green earth dry cleaners, green bride, green weddingYes, why does the Green Bride love Hallak?

We offset all carbon dioxide emissions that result from the process of cleaning and preserving your wedding gown; this includes your trip to and from our Specialist, all cleansing, and the wedding chest’s manufacture.  When you choose to have your gown cleaned and preserved with Hallak Cleaners, a donation is made to – the leading non-profit carbon offset and climate solutions organization.

Did you know that donations to supports worldwide reforestation projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions?  ZeroCarbon is just another way that Hallak Cleaners does their part to support outside organization’s with their goal to protect the planet.

Whether you are a green bride or just doing your part, isn’t it nice to know that your gown preservation is also doing some good in safeguarding the Earth?  For those of you still planning your wedding, we’d like to share with you some green bride wedding ideas.

For literature on ZeroCarbon, please call (201) 343-7333 or email